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Platform Fees

Gas fee-free! Is it truly decentralized?

INNODEX has its own unique technology called 'Stay Pending,' which is specialized in cryptocurrency trading. It collects users' transaction records through this technology and records the results (asset holdings) on the blockchain at a designated time (*synchronization). With this technology, INNODEX can alleviate the burden of gas fees incurred by users for each transaction, while maximizing convenience by allowing users to transparently check their personal assets held on the exchange on the blockchain. As a gas fee-free exchange, INNODEX can implement a zero *transaction fee policy at any time.

However, we will only charge the minimum transaction fee necessary for operating the exchange. Moreover, it will be cheaper than anyone else.

“No matter how many times you trade 10 times or 100 times, the gas bill is zero! Regardless of the number of transactions, only one gas fee will be incurred when synchronizing once a day.”

*Synchronization: It refers to the process of recording "my personal wallet> holding assets" used within the INNODEX exchange on the blockchain on-chain. Synchronization is carried out at a designated time every day, and through synchronization, my assets are recorded on-chain, and gas fees are incurred once. After synchronization, my holding assets can be transparently confirmed on "EtherScan" or "SolScan". (Gas fees are incurred once a day during synchronization. If there is no change in the number of holding assets, gas fees will not be incurred even after synchronization.)

*Transaction fee: Platform service fee

Transaction fees

Starting from May 1st, the transaction fees that apply on INNODEX are as follows:

1. Maker : 0.01%
Orders that partially or fully fill the order book, such as limit orders, are "Maker" orders.

2. Taker : 0.01%
Orders that are immediately executed at the market price remove liquidity from the order book, so they are considered "Taker" orders, including IOC and FOK orders.

※ transaction fees : platform service fees for using the INNODEX platform, not gas fees incurred during on-chain transactions.

Withdrawal fees

1. General withdrawal

For "general withdrawal", which is available after synchronization, the withdrawal fee is free, and the network (on-chain) gas fee required for transfer is charged separately.

  • When you request a withdrawal after synchronization, the withdrawal amount and network gas fee deposit required for transfer will be deducted from your INNODEX internal wallet first.
  • At the next synchronization, the actual withdrawal will be processed, and the withdrawal amount will be transferred to the wallet address you entered.
  • At the next synchronization after that, the remaining amount after deducting the actual network gas fee from the network gas fee deposit will be refunded to your INNODEX internal wallet

※ It may take 1-2 days for the actual withdrawal after requesting a general withdrawal.

※ However, during April, 'general' withdrawals will be updated to be processed immediately after synchronization.

    ※ Precautions when applying for "General Withdrawal"!

  • Please always maintain your wallet balance for normal synchronization (asset proof) and withdrawal process.
    • Minimum balance to maintain for gas fee during synchronization and withdrawal: 0.006 ETH for Ethereum network and 0.00005 SOL for Solana network.
    • If the minimum balance is not maintained, synchronization and withdrawals will not be processed.
      (In the case of ETH, after 0.006 ETH is captured as a deposit, the remaining amount excluding gas expenses used in the deposit will be refunded to the wallet after synchronization and withdrawal have actually been made.)
    • The synchronization gas fee is a network fee generated by the Ethereum or Solana blockchain, not by INNODEX.
  • The withdrawal proceeds normally at the time of the next synchronization, unless the 'holding asset figure' synchronized to 'withdrawal complete' does not change through the transaction.
    If the synchronized 'holding asset figure' changes before withdrawal is completed, withdrawal may be delayed.
    • The synchronization and withdrawal fees/gas fees being deducted do not count as a change in the asset balance. (Only the asset balance changed through trading is applicable.)
    • If there is a change in the asset balance, the withdrawal will be processed at the next synchronization point after the changed balance has been synchronized.

2. Instant withdrawal

Instant withdrawal fee is discounted to $2 for all coins for the month of April! (2$ is converted into the market price of each coin to set a commission)

Starting from May, 'instant withdrawal fee 15$' and network gas fees (either Ethereum or Solana) will be charged separately. The requested withdrawal will be processed instantly, but delays may occur on the Ethereum or Solana network independent of INNODEX.
※ Instant withdrawal fees are subject to change.

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